Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hoverboard hack for electric skateboard

Hoverboard hubmotor ZRT Raspberry Pi Board Just finished a hoverboard hack into a skateboard and need to find better controllers. Has anyone built a ZRT board, or hacked the hoverboard, or used 2 Vescs with two remotes, or one combo remote for zeroT? Has anyone actually done position control with a BLDC motor with the Vesc controller? If anyone is useing a raspberry Pi on board I was wondering if they have figured out how to run the Vesc software on it? Also I now use 2 Pi's since I can't figure out how to reliably make one Pi be both a WiFi hotspot and a client at the same time. Right now, one Pi is the hotspot and gets internet via a short ethernet from the second Pi which is a WiFi client. Anyone interested in this please let me know and I will upload more details. thanks some pics before adding second Pi, and casters for ZRT


  1. Dam you beat me to it. I had the same idea but no time to finish. What type of controller are you using? I have the motors set up on my test bench and can get them to spin with the original motherboard and both daughterboards(sensor boards). When I use only one daughterboard connected to both sides of the motherboard the wheels rotate in opposite directions. Any insight you have would be appreciated.


  2. Hi Colin, sorry for the late response. I prototyped with 30dollar controllers, they blew up when tried to do real reversing, only had slow speed reverse. I moved to the VESC controllers which can handle braking and reverse and such, but every remote control method, RF, numchuck, etc. gave rough start with the big hubmotors, so I am using direct DtoA control from the raspberry Pis. Good news is now I have 10 inch prototype for an exoskeleton handlebot using Ozzmaker inertial sensors and google voice control, sort of

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  4. Hello!

    What pipe/rod did you use? And how did you attach it to the hubmotors? (Weld, pressure fit, solder, screws?)

    1. Hi Ivan, sorry just checking now. I had thick wall aluminum tube so just used that, turns out it was perfect size. Just had to bore out the ID a little on the lather, then just milled some flats on one side for clearance, and on the other side for 2 quarter inch or so set screws. Kinda foolish of me cause looking back cause I had to make a whole damn mill from almost from scratch an old mini bridgeport J-head I had laying around and some XY tables. Foolish because I made a mill and didn't make a bunch of the finished tubes to make available to you guys. All you have to do is cut the connectors off the hubmotors, feed them through thetube and bring bring them out of machined aces holes in the middle. Total fail, I wasn't planning on going into production but every kid on the block's hoverboard eventually fails and the motors still often good, rough riders break the center linkage before the motors, although the delrin or otherplastic spacer pads used to clamp the shafts on the cheap hoverboards do crack.

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